From browser tab to magic Mac app.

Break free from the browser and add web pages to your Mac dock. How about a mac app for Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, and literally millions more?
"Flotato is a wildly clever way to get web apps on your Mac"

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Command-tab your way across the web

Reclaim your screen

Once you begin using web apps the Flotato way, you'll be surprised how much space you get back. To squeeze the last pixel out, Flotato lets you use the mobile version of a web app. Because sometimes, all you need is a small, crazy fast version of that bloated web app. And if you need the full picture, just resize the window.

Small, fast and light

Flotato keeps its hands off your RAM and GPU until it is absolutely necessary. That means less fan hissing, more resources for other apps, and longer battery life.

One click and 0.4 seconds to make, install, and launch.

With Flotato’s sub-second* install time, it’s the fastest app install on the planet, but let’s be honest, isn’t that how it should have always been?
* average 400 ms from click to app installed and launchable in the Applications folder
"I'm highly considering switching to Flotato full-time, so I don't have to worry about browsers"


Float any app on top of other apps

Keep an eye on important data, such as Netflix movies, while you work

See what's happening, without looking

Flotato shows badges on supported sites like Twitter, Slack, Instagram and thousands more.

Upload images to Instagram

When you make an Instagram app with Flotato, you get a slick, feature-rich Instagram app as you know it from your phone, right on your Mac.
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Put Gmail in the dock

Gmail is an app. So why aren't we using it as an app? Put it in the dock, float it on top of other windows, get notifications, badges, and enjoy the speed.
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Put a slice in your dock

Tired of switching to a website to see if anything changed? Just draw a rectangle and get a window to that website right in your dock.

Stay safe

Flotato runs in a completely isolated sandbox, protected from other apps, humans, and browsers. No usernames or passwords are stored, not even locally. See more in our privacy policy.
"Rated best Twitter app for macOS. Better than Tweetbot, Twitterific, and Tweetdeck"

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