Break free from the browser

Use any web site as a beautiful Mac app. 

Flotato turns itself into any web app, just by giving it a new name. It's like phone apps for your desktop; compact, light-weight, unbelievably fast.


"Flotato is a wildly clever way to get web apps on your Mac"

Fast, small, light

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Don't miss a second. Keep any compact Flotato app on top of other windows. 

Put a slice in the dock

Keep an eye on important stuff, right in the dock. The icon jumps when the area changes

Small, fast, light

Flotato's Webkit browser is native macOS. Not Electron. That's how Flotato for Twitter gets away with using just 10% of Chrome's memory usage running the same app. The app files are nimble, too. Flotato for Trello takes up 14x less disk space on your hard drive compared to Trello's own app.


I mean, you'd expect that

Set the start view

Got something you keep going back to? Make it the first thing you see


Flotato remembers your sessions, but never touches your passwords, or anything else you type in. Cookies are stored securely in the same safe as Safari uses. 

Making your own apps is as easy as typing

- or picking one in the catalog

Or set it to any URL, allow native Mac notifications, and even change the suggested icon

Youtube mac app
Dictionary mac app
Instagram macOS
Pinterest app for macOS
macOS Twitter app
macOS Netflix app
macOS BBC radio and tv app
macOS app for NYTimes

Twitter for Mac

Simple, compact and light-weight Twitter app for Mac. 

twitter app for mac

Fast, small, safe

Pin to top

Don't miss a second. Keep any compact Flotato app on top of other windows. 

Put a slice in the dock

Keep an eye on important stuff, right in the dock. The icon jumps when the area changes

Protect your privacy

Flotato blocks more than 30,000 known trackers that would otherwise be eating your personal interests for breakfast


I mean, you'd expect that

Set the start view

Got something you keep going back to? Make it the first thing you see

Gets out of the way

You need to see all the pixels, except when you don't

Other Flotato apps

Youtube mac app
Dictionary mac app
Instagram macOS
Pinterest app for macOS
macOS Twitter app
macOS Netflix app
macOS BBC radio and tv app
macOS app for NYTimes

Got questions?

Use the chat icon in the corner, or email us on help at flotato dot com.

How do I create a new app?

The easiest way is to open the Flotato app you downloaded and use the catalog. But here's another way: 

  • Find any of the Flotato apps you already have
  • Right click, choose Duplicate
  • Right click, choose Rename
  • If you want an Instagram app, simply name it Instagram

Here's a video that shows what that looks like:

How do I create an app that opens a long deep link?

Flotato remembers which page you saw last, so all you have to do is to navigate to the page you want to start on. You can change the default page in Preferences

Another option is to go to Navigate, then Go...

If this doesn't work for you, we'd love to hear from you on 

I want to use the desktop version of this specific site


Simply go to App, then Get Desktop Version 

Some sites tend to stick to the mobile version using cookies. Here's a way to get around that:


Even after choosing "Get Desktop Version," some uses may be stuck on mobile. To fix this, click the hamburger menu, then scroll all the way to the bottom, and choose Desktop, then scroll the the bottom of the next screen and choose Standard


Here's a video. Open Preferences, then check Always launch on this page, and paste in Close Preferences, and go to App then Get Desktop Version. Quit the app, and open it again. 

How do I add Flotato to the Launchpad?

In short, Launchpad doesn't play well with duplicated apps, which is how Flotato works. Some users are able to add their apps to the Launchpad, using the technique in this this video, but Flotato doesn't officially support Launchpad at this time. We'd love to chat to someone who knows how it works. 

How do I create an app for a subdomain, like

Right click on any Flotato app, choose Duplicate, right click again, choose Rename, then enter your subdomain, e.g. 

Flotato is free

.. but if you want to support us, and run a lot of Flotato apps at the same time, you can grab Flotato Pro for just for the price of a round of drinks for the team.

Get Flotato Pro

Distribute your web app as a macOS app

You can do this today. Simply create your Flotato app, zip it up, and send it to your users. 

  • Small and lean file size
  • A fraction of the memory consumption you know from Electron
  • No code
  • Your own icon

Got any special wishes for Flotato for distributing your own app? Get in touch at developers at flotato dot com.

This example uses Trello, which, like most modern web apps have an Electron-based app for Mac. The fact that it uses more memory and takes up more disk space doesn't make it a bad app, and in some cases, Electron apps are more customized than they are in Flotato, so the comparison isn't completely apples to apples. 

Disk size


Browsers like Safari and Chrome are built to take on more jobs than just running a single app. That means they likely get more powerful the more open apps and web pages you run. But if you run only one app and compare to that same app in Flotato, the difference is easy to spot. 

Trello in Flotato ~251Mb

Trello in Electron ~374Mb

Trello in Safari ~428.9Mb

Trello in Chrome ~2.4Gb

Welcome to Flotato

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Flotato’s Website and the Flotato app (“the app”)  

By accessing this website and the app we assume you accept these terms and conditions in full. Do not continue to use Flotato website or app if you do not accept all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.  

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The app  

The Flotato app is provided as-is. We work hard to test it and publish bugs. Flotato is provided with the same terms as an internt browser. Flotato can not be held responsible for what you do on the sites you visit through Flotato. Flotato can not be held responsible for data loss, or damage to equipment caused by using Flotato or visiting any privately or publicly accessible site on or off the internet.

The website  

For content you do not produce and export from Rotato, such as blog posts, tutorials, help pages, you must not do any of the following without checking in with us first at  

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Flotato is fully owned and operated by Morten Just Petersen, Kreis 5, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland. You can talk to him on

Privacy Policy for the Flotato app, as downloaded from

Logging in to web services through Flotato  

  • Flotato does not retreive or store any logins or passwords you use when logging in to a web service through Flotato, like Twitter or Youtube. 
  • Apple's WebKit framework (also used by Safari) takes care of this
  • WebKit encrypts and sends your login and password to the web service's servers, which then creates a login cookie on your computer
  • The login cookies, or any other cookie or website data (such as 'local storage') never leave your computer
  • Flotato apps share the same cookie store, so you don't have to log in in both the Google Calendar, Youtube, and Gmail apps. Cookie access restrictions happen exactly like they do in Safari


Fully anonymous usage statistics

We collect the following types of information. The information helps us figure out what to build next, and which features we should be focusing on.


  • How many times Flotato is used during a day
  • How many new apps are created
  • We do NOT store each URL visited through Flotato. This information does not leave your computer without your explicit approval. 
  • We do store the app's name (as it appears under the app icon, e.g. 'Twitter') in order to know which apps to improve for Flotato. Since these logs are anonymous, we are not technically able to track down who uses which apps, nor do we have any interest in doing so. 
  • We use Mixpanel to store and analyze the data

We're in this to make web apps more usable, not to do anything weird with your data. If you have any concerns about the above, let's talk - privacy at flotato dot com

How to update early versions of Flotato

If you're experiencing problems updating Flotato, you are most likely on an early version. We can fix this together! 

How to update

1. Delete the app you want to update. (You will not lose any preferences, logins, or custom icons.)

2. Download Flotato

3. Click Yes when Flotato asks if you want to move it to the Applications folder. Optional: Move Flotato manually to any other folder

4. Open Flotato and install the app again

Why is this happening? 

This happens when you launch Flotato from the same folder as you downloaded it to.

Now why's that a problem? When you download any Mac app with Chrome or Safari, macOS makes a copy of that app and runs it from a secret folder. That means Flotato can't find it and update it. The solution is to tell macOS that you want Flotato to be an app on your Mac by simply moving it to any folder outside of the folder you first downloaded it to. 

But my app was already in the Applications folder? This can happen when you installed that app with the Flotato catalog while Flotato itself was still in your Downloads folder

It still doesn't work

Let's get you sorted. Go to any Flotato app's Help menu, and choose Flotato Help Chat.


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But that doesn't mean we can't help you find what you're looking for!