Add an app to Launchpad

Don't see your app in Launchpad? Don't worry, here's how to put it there.

When do I need this?

How to do it

If your Flotato app for e.g. Netflix or Youtube does not appear in Launchpad, there is a way. Here's a video of how to do it:

Detailed steps

  1. Open Flotato and install the web app, e.g. Netflix
  2. Click the little magnifying glass icon under the Open button
  3. From the Finder window that opens, copy or move the app to another folder than Applications. A technical limitation in macOS requires that the app does not live in Applications in order for it to show up in Launchpad. In the video, we simply Option (⌥) drag the app to the desktop, but you can put it in any folder, as long as it is not the Applications folder.
  4. Drag the copied or moved app onto the Launchpad icon in your dock. It's important that you drag it onto the icon in a straight vertical line going downwards. This can be a bit tricky, but you can check that you're dragging the icon correctly by verifying that the Launchpad icon visually reacts to your drag.
  5. That's it! Your app is now in Launchpad. Click the Launchpad icon to open Launchpad, and move around your new app e.g. to the first page or to a folder to keep everything neat and organized.

What you need

Some Flotato users report that this doesn't work on macOS before Catalina.