Moving apps

Flotato apps behave almost exactly like any other app on your Mac, so moving apps around is easy. Let's take a look.

When do I need this?

How to do it

Option 1: Make a shortcut

This is our favorite way because you keep your app in Applications, but you can click on it anywhere you put the shortcut. And, you can make as many shortcuts as you want.
  1. Using Netflix as an example, find the Netflix app in your Applications folder
  2. Simply drag the Netflix icon to e.g. your Desktop (if that's where you want your shortcut)

Option 2: Keep the icon in the dock

While this isn't exactly moving the app, it's a handy way to keep the app in the dock - even when the app is closed.
  1. Open the app you want to keep in the dock
  2. Right click the app in the dock and choose Keep In Dock

Option 3: Move the app

If you want your app only to live on the desktop and not in Applications, here's how to do that.
  1. Find the app in Applications. Hold the ⌥ key while dragging the app to its new folder. This makes a copy.
  2. Delete the original app.